Our Corporate Essence: Ashake foundation is a not-for-profit organization which started in 2010. It was initially conceived out of concern at the rate of Malaria outbreak among young married Women and Children in Ijagemo area of Lagos State. The Foundation then began consultations with health workers and professionals, offering free medical advice to individuals, checking their health status, administered free deworming drops to over 50 children and given out about 20 bed nets to families. In 2012, the Foundation began catering for Widows.


“Helping People, Helping Ourselves”


To create the atmosphere where people can help people realize their dreams thereby realizing their full potentials


The core principles that the Foundation holds is HELP in Acronyms:

  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Love
  • Persistence


We focus majorly on widows and over time we have been able to give these widows some basic relief materials to relieve them of immediate financial needs, but now we have added a new twist to the event with the birth of Widows Business School (WBS).

 In respect to that, we have consciously observed that a lot of widows just receive temporary relief but cannot manage the little business that they run and even if they are given moral and financial resources they do not know basic business management etiquette and skills to succeed in their business.

How to sponsor these widows

  • Link us with organizations that can freely train these widows on new business skills and give them grant not loans.
  • These organizations will also monitor these businesses and serve as mentors to these widows
  • Sponsor a widow to start a business with as little as N5,000
  • basic entrepreneurial skills acquisition
  • Development programmes, business awareness and sensitization to these set of women.

For the launching of the NGO, what I need are these

  • A List of organizations that sponsors events that concern widows,
  • A team of people that can help with how to write winning proposals that can help raise funds to successfully start the NGO and also help plan the launch which will be held by November 2013 Also want somebody that help build a curriculum for the widows school.
  • Register the NGO .
  • A school where to learn how to successfully run an NGO and other necessary information

Oga, I need help. I just have passion for these widows and nobody runs a widows business school anywhere in the world and I want these school to succeed.

They will not just get free training but I hope that these school will run quarterly and at the end of the day it should run all over Nigeria so that at a point in time, we are taking care of widows all over Nigeria.

The vision is big but I know that it will work